With the coronavirus pandemic, disinfecting has become California’s new favorite pastime. However, decontaminating your home or business, from your surfaces to the air you breathe, is no simple task. Store-bought cleaning products such as Clorox, isopropyl alcohol, and Lysol do provide decontaminating properties; yet, they are extremely acidic and can cause surface deterioration. Not to mention, these chemically-based products can further contaminate your home or business, as they contain volatile organic compounds.

Volatile organic compounds can jeopardize your indoor air quality, negatively affecting the health of those residing in your space. Health implications can range from an increase in allergy symptoms to respiratory distress. Make sure you are using all-natural cleaning products to avoid exposure, or confirm that you have adequate ventilation when using chemically-based solutions.

So, rather than attempting your own residential or commercial disinfection, we here at American Craftsman Restoration are here to help! And, we are here to accomplish your healthy environment in an eco-conscious way!

Environmental Disinfection

Working with TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc., we are able to control bacteria and disease spread through the ionized hydrogen peroxide process that the SteraMist TOMI system provides. There are two different decontamination systems we use: the SteraMist Surface Unit and the SteraMist Environment System.

Both of these devices provide 6-log kill, which is the highest level of achievable disinfection. If your business falls within the healthcare industry, this is the level of decontamination you require; however, we can perform this service in any space—residential or commercial.

Decontamination During Construction

There is one commonality that you will discover across any and all contraction sites—dust, dirt, and debris particles. These airborne contaminants can harm any individual, let alone those that are immunocompromised. To ensure that your construction site is not threatening the health of your occupants, hire our trained, ICRA certified restoration specialists.

We understand the implications construction can have on your home or business. Here’s why it is imperative you hire ICRA trained professionals:

  • During construction, contaminating particles can be either created or disturbed.

  • Disturbed particles, such as mold and mildew, can be released and aerosolized in your space.

  • Airborne particles are dangerous to immunosuppressed or immunocompromised patients, workers, and visitors.

  • Uncontained construction areas can also cause the spread of virus and bacteria contamination.

Healthcare Disinfection Services

With COVID-19, maintaining hospital environments has become tricky. With this virus spreading at an exponential rate, upholding healthcare facilities is of the utmost importance. Professional disinfecting is the most efficient and effective way to protect your healthcare workers, staff, patients, and visitors from viruses, bacteria, and other airborne germs.

Our hospital decontamination services include:

  • Contaminant systems

  • Infection control systems

  • STARC modular containment system

  • TOMI SteaMist disinfection systems

With these processes, 99.9999% of contaminants, including bacteria and viruses, will be eliminated. And, with our disinfecting fogging capabilities, we are able to provide unparalleled coverage, cleaning everything from your pens to your doorknobs in one fell swoop.

American Craftsman Restoration— Our Qualifications

We here at American Craftsman Restoration are committed to protecting public health! That’s why our training includes:

  • Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) tools

  • Construction-specific infection controls

  • Best management practices

  • TOMI SteraMist™ systems for hospital and healthcare facilities

When it comes to minimizing infection, contaminants, and other airborne bacteria, going with the SteraMist process is your most effective and environmentally sound way to accomplish a healthy residential or commercial space.

With thirty-plus years of experience, we here at American Craftsman Restoration are capable and confident in restoring your residential or commercial space back to a healthy state. Don’t hesitate to reach out and request your free estimate, today! Simply contact American Craftsman Restoration at (661) 295-5176 to set up and schedule your decontamination.

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