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From buses and planes to operating rooms, American Craftsman is ready to combat that spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus with its partnership with Tomi SteraMist™

COVID-19 Coronavirus has caused worldwide turmoil and left entire countries fighting for the lives of their people while questioning their economic futures. COVID-19’s rapid infection rates across the globe have driven businesses to panic and fail to fully research disinfection options. At American Craftsman Restoration, we have shifted our focus to helping our community combat the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus. We have provided industry-leading restoration services in the Santa Clarita and Los Angeles areas for over 32 years helping our community get back on their feet after fires, floods, and earthquakes. With American Craftsman partnering with TOMI SteraMist™, we are prepared to provide hospital-grade disinfection application services to where the community needs it most through TOMI SteraMist™ Binary Ionization Technology.

It is time to get our community back on track, but where do we start?

As the bravest professionals go out and fight for the health of people infected with COVID-19 Coronavirus on the front lines, American Craftsman is going to work helping make the places we frequent the most and are the highest areas of contamination safer. This means a wide area of commercial locations such as but not limited to medical facilities, hospitals, COVID-19 testing sites, hotels, cruise ships, schools, elderly living, food processing facilities, gyms and athletic facilities, police and firehouses, transportation centers, train stations, airports, and the list goes on. These places are vital to day to day life. Some are shut down, waiting for at-home orders to be lifted to resume operations, while others have no choice but to stay open to help the community every day. Utilizing TOMI SteraMist™ Binary Ionization technology, American Craftsman Restoration is able to provide a level of disinfection that is impossible to reach with typical practices using Lysol, Clorox, and Isopropyl alcohol. These products are what many companies have always used to disinfect, but can only produce what is called a 3 Log kill (99.9%). The TOMI SteraMist™ system utilized by American Craftsman is the only product on the market that can reach a 6 Log kill, meaning it kills 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, and spores. This provides an unmatched level of disinfection and American Craftsman Restoration has been providing this service to the community for almost 6 years.

How will this service affect these businesses?

Having years of training and practice with TOMI SteraMist™, American Craftsman Restoration can provide this service with minimal interruption to the business. The system can be applied very quickly and typically only needs to be vacated during application and 60-120 minutes after. This allows locations to shut down for a minimal amount of time while still having the peace of mind knowing they are being provided the highest quality disinfection application service available to them. Response times vary based on demand, but during low demand times, response times are typically 1-2 hours onsite from the time of the call. If demands are high then calls get prioritized based on urgency and risk to health and safety of occupants. American Craftsman Restoration is applying an EPA registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant in a manner consistent with the label and EPA Registration. American Craftsman Restoration does not represent that structure and contents will be free of contamination such as viruses and bacteria. As doors open and close and individuals enter who might carry things such as viruses, bacteria or mold with them, the structure and contents might be contaminated after the service has been performed. It has been documented that asymptomatic people can carry viruses during the incubation period and there is no known way American Craftsman Restoration or client can know whether or not this has happened or will happen.


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