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    Expert Remediation in Santa Clarita

    Right from planning and implementing 100% biohazard cleanup, to accurate and transparent documentation for all your potential insurance claims, we at American Craftsman Restoration will handle every step of your bio scene cleanup process. This is our area of expertise. So if you need help returning your property to its original state, you can trust us to be there. No matter what type of crisis or emergency cleanup you want for your property, our team of professional experts will work with you to quickly and efficiently address the situation and help you in your stressful times.

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    Why Choose American Craftsman Restoration?

    Biohazard Cleanup Services with American Craftsman Restoration is different than other traditional home or business cleaning or remediation services. We offer professional services and solutions that incorporate a methodical cleanup process for 100% sanitization of any environment, including for individuals and businesses. At American Craftsman Restoration we use cleaning products that have been specially formulated for ensuring a complete cleanup of the property – regardless of the scale of the previous biohazard situation. 

    We are a Full-service Biohazard Cleanup Service in Santa Clarita

    Our team of experts are licensed and certified in the safe removal of different types of bio contaminants. We offer a wide range of remediation services including the following;

    • General Biohazard Remediation.
    • Blood Cleanup.
    • Crime Scene Cleanup.
    • Blood-borne Pathogen Removal.
    • Hoarding Cleanup Services.
    • Death Cleanup Services.
    • Infectious disease decontamination.
    • And more.
    At American Craftsman Restoration, we have years of experience at handling any trauma cleanup situation for all types of individual and business properties.

    So CALL US at (661) 295-5176 and our teams will work with you to quickly assess, clean, and restore your home or business property.

    What is Biohazard Cleanup?

    A biohazard situation can happen when people or animals come into contact with or are exposed to materials that can cause infections or diseases.  The process of sanitizing or decontamination of a place/property, and treatment or elimination of materials that have been exposed to contaminants such as blood or other bodily fluids is biohazard cleanup. 

    Why is Remediation Necessary?

    The presence of blood and other bodily fluids at a crime scene increases the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens that can cause infections and diseases. Anytime, blood and bodily fluids and harmful pathogens are not treated properly and if the site has not been disinfected properly, it increase health and safety risks. There is a real danger of the spread of infections and diseases as well as lasting structural damage to property. Cursory cleaning of the contaminated site can slow the growth of dangerous pathogens – only for a limited period of time. However, sooner or later, the blood or bodily fluids/tissue that might have pooled under the carpeted area or seeped into cracks in the surface, can cause unpleasant odors and even lead to pockets of bacterial colonies. To prevent this from happening, biohazard remediation is necessary. 

    Types of Biohazards that require Remediation

    There are different types of biohazards – some more common than others. Any disease or infection causing or spreading material or situation can lead to biohazards. Types of contaminants that require biohazard cleanup services include the following;
    • Human Blood and Blood Products – these include items that have been contaminated by the flow of blood.
    • Human Fluids – these include urine, semen/sexual secretions, fecal matter, sputum, spinal fluid, and pleural fluid.
    • Animal Waste – these include fecal matter, animal carcasses, and bedding material.
    • Sharp material/medical equipment – these include IV needles, needles, scalpels, glass slides.
    • Pathological Waste – this includes human tissue.
    • Laboratory Waste – these can include lab cultures and lab devices and equipment.

    Contact American Craftsman Restoration at
    (661) 295-5176 to get help today.

    Choose the Right Biohazard Service

    Licensing and Credentials

    We ensure compliance with all local and federal safety and regulatory standards. 


    Our technicians receive intensive Occupational Health and Safety training and are certified in all other regulatory standards as set by the biohazard cleanup industry.  

    Compassion and Care

    A compassionate and caring attitude can make a sea of difference to grieving families. This is why we focus on discretion, professionalism, and efficiency in all cases.

    Stringent Verification Protocols

    We ensure hospital-grade disinfection once our biohazard remediation process is complete via stringent verification protocols to ensure the site is safe to use again.

    The American Craftsman Restoration Remediation Process

    • 1st Stage – The contaminated area is inspected and assessed.
    • 2nd Stage – The team of cleanup experts will put on the necessary protective equipment and choose the right gear, tools, and solution/products necessary for decontaminating and sanitizing the space.
    • 3rd Stage – All the major contaminated areas/items/equipment are removed. This can include fabric material that has been exposed to harmful pathogens and other types of contaminants. These items will be incinerated since a safe cleanup of the items or materials is not possible. At this stage, any biological material is also removed from the area.
    • 4th State – The area is cleaned so that culture numbers can be effectively reduced.
    • 5th Stage – The sanitization or decontamination process is carried out effectively with the use of special solutions and tools.
    • 6th Stage – The sanitized area will then be deodorized – if necessary.
    • 7th Stage – Upon completion, our team of remediation experts will use specialized testing technology to ensure hospital-level standards of disinfection of the affected site.
    • 8th Stage – Once the cleanup process has been completed, all the tools and equipment that were used in the process will have to be sanitized or decontaminated.
    American Craftsman Restoration uses specialized cleaning solutions as well as antiseptics to sanitize the tools and equipment to effectively reduce any instance of potential risk to biohazard technicians.

    Restore your Property back to its Original State

    If you have a Biohazard Cleanup emergency, then American Craftsman Restoration can help you restore your property.

    We ensure 100% effective decontamination of spaces that have been exposed to bloodborne pathogens, deadly bacteria, and virus.

    So no matter the extent of the contamination, CALL US NOW at (661) 295-5176

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