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mold remediation

Signs You Need Immediate Mold Remediation at Home

Mold comes in many different shapes and sizes. It also comes with different dangers that can pose a threat to you and your loved ones. Mold remediation can be difficult, time-consuming, and a big task to take on alone.  Let American Craftsman Restoration partner with you to help restore your home to its pre-infestation condition.  […]

flood restoration services Santa Clarita

Mastering Water Damage Restoration in Santa Clarita

Mastering Water Damage Restoration in Santa Clarita Nestled quietly in the heart of Southern California, Santa Clarita has much to offer. You can discover stunning landscapes and vibrant communities throughout the area. Our geographical location occasionally subjects us to storms, floods, and other issues that can leave us trying to figure out what to do […]

mold damage

Why Mold Damage Is a Beach Home’s Silent Foe

Having a beach home can be a wonderful way to enjoy the warm weather and relax with friends and family. But beach homes require additional care and upkeep to help keep your property well maintained. Mold damage is a leading contributor to many restoration projects for beachfront properties. Because many property owners don’t live year-round […]

beach house water damage

Beachfront Property? 5 Tips to Guard Against Water Damage

Owning a beachfront property can be a great way to boost your passive income or enjoy the sights of your own home. However, beachfront property is also more likely to suffer water damage than property in other locations. Beach house water damage can be especially dangerous, as saltwater and sand impact structures differently than rainwater. […]

water damage

Water Damage? Solutions for Waterside Businesses

Working near the beach can seem like a dream. However, the reality is that having an office close to the ocean increases the risk of water damage. Even though beachside properties are built with water prevention in mind, they can still suffer serious cases of damage. Everything from flooding to a burst pipe can ruin […]

santa clarita water damage restoration

How Water Damage Restoration Works

When water damages your property, the sooner you start restorations, the better. Water damage leads to structural integrity issues, electrical concerns, and mold growth. Santa Clarita water damage restoration is a multi-step process that protects your home from further damage and restores your property to its pre-loss condition.  The Santa Clarita Water Damage Restoration Process […]

beach house water damage

Tips for Preventing Beach House Water Damage

Having a house by the beach can be the perfect way to relax and unwind. But finding surprise water damage in your beach home can have the opposite effect. It can be difficult to prevent beach house water damage, but there are ways to protect your home. Many construction techniques and flood precautions are available […]

Water Damage Restoration: Looking for Potential Damage

When water damages your home in Santa Clarita, the source needs to be addressed and stopped as quickly as possible. Because there are so many different potential sources of water damage in our homes, it can be overwhelming to figure out where the water is coming from. If you find water damage in your home and the source […]

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