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Santa Clarita Disinfection Application Services

American Craftsman Restoration Helps You Protect Your Business or Home

Cleaning your surfaces with store-bought products like Lysol, Clorox, and isopropyl alcohol will only go so far in keeping your business, office, or home clean. These products are harsh, and repeated use often damages surfaces. You might even have equipment or electronics that you cannot use these chemicals on. Additionally, overusing these products can be hazardous to sensitive individuals’ health or the health of any pets you may have.

At American Craftsman Restoration, we are the disinfection and decontamination experts. We utilize the innovative TOMI SteraMist™ system that offers safe and complete decontamination. Our disinfection technicians are all highly trained and certified to perform decontamination services in any environment, including hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

To learn more about our disinfection application services available in Santa Clarita, Valencia, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas, contact American Craftsman Restoration at
(661) 295-5176.

Why We Use the TOMI SteraMist™ System

American Craftsman Restoration works with TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. to bring you the best in disinfection and decontamination services. TOMI specializes in bacteria decontamination and infectious disease control. Its line of SteraMist™ systems is registered with the EPA and utilizes ionized hydrogen peroxide. Like American Craftsman Restoration, TOMI is a company that is committed to creating a safer world.

The TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. systems we utilize include:

  • SteraMist™ Surface Unit – a handheld misting unit used to disinfect surfaces
  • SteraMist™ Environment System – a fogging disinfecting system that treats an entire room

By partnering with TOMI, American Craftsman Restoration can provide residents and businesses with disinfection applicationservices that feature the only 6-log kill product available. The 6-log kill is the highest level of disinfection achievable. This is the disinfection application service you want if you run a healthcare facility or hospital. To learn more about this service, contact American Craftsman Restoration.

Why We Use the TOMI SteraMist™ System

When hospitals, healthcare facilities, and other businesses remodel, the construction process can kick up many particles and contaminants into the air. This presents a problem for everyone, but especially for immunosuppressed individuals. Special precautions must be taken to avoid potentially life-threatening infections and contamination. This is especially the case as the COVID-19 pandemic has made effective disinfection and decontamination critically important. American Craftsman Restoration is committed to protecting public health and is specifically ICRA certified for healthcare construction.

Our training includes:

  • Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) tools
  • Construction-specific infection controls
  • Best management practices
  • TOMI SteraMist™ systems for hospital and healthcare facilities

When performing disinfection application services in your hospital or other healthcare facilities, the Santa Clarita disinfection specialists from American Craftsman Restoration work hard to minimize infection risk, and to help protect you, your patients, and your employees. No matter what type of construction or remodeling project you’re doing, we have the skill and experience to disinfect your facility effectively.

For a free in-person estimate on disinfection application services, contact us at (661) 295-5176. We provide services in both English and Spanish! 

COVID-19 Disinfection
Application Services

With the recent pandemic still active in California, many of our customers in Santa Clarita, Valencia, and Los Angeles have questions about how to protect hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, businesses, and homes from this deadly virus. The best method for protecting yourself, your patients, your employees, and your family, is to wash your hands regularly, stay home if you have been feeling ill, and routinely disinfect your surfaces. Because the SARS-CoV-2 virus can live on surfaces for several days, disinfecting your surfaces is of the utmost importance.

American Craftsman Restoration can help you with professional disinfection application services in Santa Clarita and Valencia. With TOMI SteraMist™ systems that kill up to 99.9999% of viruses, we offer every customer, from hospitals to restaurants to homeowners, the best, most effective disinfection application services in the area. TOMI SteraMist™ can even help you disinfect typically challenging, high-touch items that are difficult to keep clean, such as door handles, pens and pencils, and other frequently used office supplies.

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