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Water damage in your home can be dangerous, overwhelming and confusing. Rather than simply cleaning up the incident, connect with a restoration team to solve the underlying problem with a complete and logical remediation plan for the water. Don’t overlook the residual moisture that can lead to a mold infestation or future instability of the structural materials. A water damage incident be can an opportunity to repair your home and make it more secure than before. Hire a water damage team with experience and expertise that can do the following.

Salvage Your Carpets And Fabrics

Choose a team with experience in difficult cleanups resulting from broken pipes and floods. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning units use the latest technology to completely remove dirt and grime from your carpets. American Cleaning and Restoration also offers professional upholstery and furniture cleaning. No matter what type of upholstery fabric you have, work with those specially trained to handle everything from microfiber to silk to cotton and polyester with water damage.

Remove 100% of the Water

Removing any standing water with specialized equipment is the first priority and must be 100% complete before beginning cleanup. Special pumps, vacuums, and other industrial-grade equipment options provide the only viable way to remove all the water from an indoor area. Next, excess airborne moisture must be removed with dehumidifiers, fans, and industrial air movers. When placed correctly, these industrial machines will remove up to 3 times more moisture than simple box fans.

Address The Underlying Cause

Even the best, most thorough clean-up is a waste of time if you overlook a plumbing issue or a problem with the foundation. Top-notch professionals begin with a comprehensive home-inspection to document the scope of damage and pinpoint the cause of the problem. A full-service restoration team will have the expertise to correct the problem and remediate.

Repair All Damaged Materials

Depending on the situation, you may have to replace drywall, flooring materials, and woodwork. Remove or replace all saturated materials to protect against mold or mildew infestations. How ‘porous the material is’ is the most important factor to determine whether it can be saved. Ask your certified technician for a professional opinion to determine what is salvageable.

Respond Promptly

Taking immediate and effective action to address unwanted water is the best way to limit the damage, keep costs low, and return to the home quickly. Choose a team with the equipment, resources, and manpower to get a complete team at your home within hours. Having adequate hands available in the first few hours has an exponentially positive effect on your clean up.

American Cleaning and Restoration provides home and business owners with a complete solution when disaster strikes. Water damage can be extensive, so it pays to call on a restoration company with the qualifications, experience, and reputation to restore your property as quickly as possible.

We provide 24-hour response to water damage emergencies. Our professional services include a professional final cleaning to make you love your home again. In Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas, call (661) 295-5176 or contact us online.

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