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With the unprecedented speed at which the COVID-19 Coronavirus infiltrated the communities around the world, it has caused a shortage of some of the most vital tools that protect us from the spread of viruses and diseases such as N95 masks. Healthcare workers are already putting their own health and safety on the line every day going to work caring for the thousands of people infected with COVID-19 Coronavirus and their protective equipment is running out. There are shortages on PPE (personal protective equipment) like protective suits, gloves, and N95 masks. This leaves people searching for ways to maximize the use of the tools that they have to continue to protect these healthcare workers on the front lines of the fight against this virus. TOMI SteraMist™ has stepped up in a huge way to make N95 masks safe for reuse after being sterilized with its unique BIT™ solution.

In areas that are taking advantage of this technology, N95 masks go from being thrown away after the first use, to being reused. This means the supplies at these locations are now five times what they were, thanks to the technology provided by TOMI SteraMist™ and the companies like American Craftsman, who are providing the service.

How do they reprocess the masks?

The manufacturer tested this technology on N95 masks infected with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. After application testing showed that the ionized hydrogen peroxide mist had completely deactivated the virus.

With this knowledge, many locations went to work reprocessing N95 masks to ensure the people who need them most never run out. Workers will use an N95 mask, then place it in a container or bag. Those masks are collected, then in a contained area, the trained professionals apply SteraMist™ to the masks, deactivating any threat to the wearer and making them ready for reuse. Testing shows the masks filtration systems still working properly for an additional four uses. Masks are marked each time, and after the fifth use, it is discarded.

For more information on what SteraMist™ is, visit the manufacturer’s website below.


American Craftsman Restoration providing TOMI SteraMist™ services to the LA Area

American Craftsman Restoration is an industry leader in restoration, disinfection, and biohazard cleanup for the Santa Clarita and Los Angeles communities. They invested heavily to get the SteraMist™ technology almost six years ago and have the training and experience to apply it anywhere that it is needed in a commercial or residential space. American Craftsman’s past experience in biohazard cleaning and disinfecting makes them perfectly tooled to help in fighting the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus. As a restoration company, they have operated for over 31 years, serving the southern California communities through fires, floods, earthquakes, biohazard spills, and all sorts of catastrophes. Their technicians are on call 24/7 and depending on demand can often arrive, ready to begin applying this technology within 2 hours of the call. The application is fast and usually only requiring the treated area to be vacated for 60-120 minutes from the time of application.

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