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    Hoarding is a disorder characterized by reluctance to discard possessions – even if the objects hold no value.  

    At some point, hoarders are faced with an overwhelming urge to hold on to unnecessary items and even garbage. The situation can reach a stage when every nook and corner of the home will be full of clutter.

    The spread of clutter can be extensive and in a lot of cases, this can present health and safety risks to the hoarder and to attending family and friends. Eventually, hoarding will impact everyday life and pose a real threat to life and property. 

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    Hoarders are people who have been medically diagnosed with hoarding disorder. A hoarder will indulge in addictive accumulation of objects that most people will consider garbage. Overtime, the accumulation of excessive clutter can lead to cleanliness and hygiene concerns and a breakdown of order around the house. However, removing the items or discarding some of the clutter can cause the hoarder distress and even lead to panic or anxiety attacks. Slowly, the hoarder will pull away from their family and friends and prefer isolation over social connections. In addition to social isolation, the hoarder’s professional life can also get impacted. 

    Commonly Hoarded Items :

    • Newspapers and magazines
    • Books
    • Clothes
    • Containers
    • Cardboard boxes
    • Household supplies
    • Animal hoarding
    • Bills and receipts
    • Leaflets and letters including junk mail
    • Plastic bags
    • Food, including packaged food
    Do you need a professional hoarder cleaning service for your family or friends in the Santa Clarita, Valencia, and Los Angeles areas? If yes, then Call American Craftsman Restoration at (661) 295-5176 American Craftsman Restoration has worked with families and friends in the Santa Clarita, Valencia, and Los Angeles areas for more than three decades.

    Social Stigma and Misconceptions

    There is a social stigma attached to hoarding disorder. And people diagnosed with hoarding disorder are still viewed with a certain bias.
    A common misconception is that hoarders are all filthy and unclean – which is not true for a majority of hoarders.
    The good news, however, is that now there is an increased awareness on hoarding disorder and the kind of health and safety risks it can pose.
    Negative social attention can be painful and excessive for the hoarder and for their family and friends. For this reason, we focus on discreet and professional remediation for extreme hoarding.

    Discreet and Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services with American Craftsman Restoration

    Our team of professional experts wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protection during the cleanup process.
    This is necessary to prevent exposure to possible biohazards and other types of contaminants. We adhere to strict industry protocols and ensure 100% compliance with local, state, and federal regulatory standards during the cleanup process.
    At American Craftsman Restoration we understand the sensitivity of the situation – which is why we offer immediate assistance and we do this with absolute discretion and care.

    How do we Handle Hoarding Cleanup?

    Hoarding cleanup is a complex process and it involves several health and safety risks because of the possible presence of biohazards. Our expert technicians ensure they strictly adhere to all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations when we perform a hoarding cleanup.

    Our cleanup process involves the following steps;

    • Containing the affected areas to prevent cross-contamination.
    • Careful and safe removal of all traces of biological contaminants and hazardous materials.
    • Next we disinfect and deodorize the cleaned up area.
    • Lastly we follow a stringent testing process to verify the affected areas are free of bio contaminants such as disease and infection causing pathogens.

    When it comes to the health and safety of our customers, we do not believe in taking any chances.
    When you call us, you can be assured of a professional, discrete, and compassionate handling of your hoarder home cleaning requirements.

    American Craftsman Restoration Hording Cleaning Services – Trusted Name Serving the Santa Clarita, Valencia, and Los Angeles areas

    Hoarding cleanup services should be handled by professionals who have the requisite training and experience in providing extreme home cleaning services.
    American Craftsman Restoration technicians have the necessary skills, equipment, knowledge, and all the required certifications to provide a complete cleanup of your home.

    We are a licensed and insured hoarding home cleaning professional service.
    You can call us at (661) 295-5176 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.If you have any questions or concerns about hoarding cleanup for a loved one, you can contact us anytime to learn more about our services.


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