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With hundreds of different species, mold is a challenge that can severely impact your property. As it ranges from allergenic to toxic, mold affects your health, the structural integrity of your building, and the wildlife in the area. Even non-toxic mold species are hazardous to keep around. If you find mold damage on your property, it’s crucial that you call a mold removal specialist. Otherwise, your health and buildings are at risk.

Mold Damage and Your Health

Even if you aren’t in direct contact with mold, it can still negatively affect your health. Mold releases spores that contaminate your indoor air quality. While many species of mold are only allergenic (causing mild to severe allergic reactions when breathing them in), others can cause serious respiratory issues. If you regularly have children on your property, they are the most affected. In fact, many children who are exposed to mold as they grow up develop life-long allergies or respiratory conditions.

Mold Damage and Your Property Value

If you try to sell your property and it has mold damage, you’re going to have to cut down your price. But it’s not just the physical presence of mold itself that can lower your property value. The longer mold is left to sit in your building, the more damage it does. Mold eats away at the surface it’s on. Because most mold is caused by water leaks that occur behind walls and under floors, this means that mold growth is wearing down the structural integrity of your home. Simply removing the mold itself is not enough to bring your property value back up; you’ll also need to repair the damage done to your structure.

Mold Damage and Pests

While mold is hazardous to human health, there are many species of insects and other pests that can live off eating it. Not only does mold growth attract vermin to your property, but the presence of pests can add to the already-harmful effects of mold growth. Animals that eat the mold growing on your property add their own feces and urine to the area, creating more health hazards for you to breathe in. Cleaning up mold by itself is a hassle, but if you have to add animal waste cleanup and removal, you’re adding additional time and money to the restoration process.

Mold Removal Services in California

Living close to the coast means that water damage is more likely on your property. And with water damage, you’ll often find mold. The longer you wait to deal with mold damage in your home or office, the more your health and property are affected. Trust American Craftsman Restoration to provide you with safe and effective mold removal services. Our trained and certified mold remediation technicians are standing by, ready to jump into action and get your property back to its pre-loss condition. Give us a call at (661) 218-1962 for quick and reliable mold and water damage restoration.

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