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santa clarita water damage restoration

When water damages your property, the sooner you start restorations, the better. Water damage leads to structural integrity issues, electrical concerns, and mold growth. Santa Clarita water damage restoration is a multi-step process that protects your home from further damage and restores your property to its pre-loss condition. 

The Santa Clarita Water Damage Restoration Process

Clearing Standing Water

The first step in any water damage restoration process is to remove any standing water in the affected areas. This step helps prevent water damage from spreading to other areas of your property. It also ensures that the area is safe to work in, keeping technicians safe as restoration work proceeds.

Initial Inspection

With the area clear for work, technicians must first perform a thorough inspection to accurately identify any areas of damage. This inspection step is crucial to ensure a quick and efficient repair job. During this step, you’ll get a quote detailing the extent of the damage and the work required to restore it. This can be helpful when dealing with insurance claims.

Cleanup and Drying

Cleaning the affected area can be simple or complex, depending on the extent of the damage. The cleanup process includes removing damaged items, remediating mold growth, and disposing of any hazardous materials. 

During the cleanup, workers will also begin drying the area. This step involves the use of industry-standard high-powered fans and dehumidifiers to reduce the overall moisture levels on your property. Drying can take a while and is often the last step to be completely finished.


While the area continues to dry, technicians can begin more complex restoration work. This includes services such as replacing or restoring support beams, resealing doors or windows, and fixing electrical issues. How much restoration your home needs depends on the amount and type of water damage suffered. 

Final Inspection

Once the drying is complete, your technician will perform a final inspection to ensure the area is clear and safe. This last step will help catch any remaining signs of water damage, such as mold growth. Once the inspection is complete and no further work is required, workers will ensure that all equipment and trash is removed from the site so your property is ready for use again.

Where to Get Santa Clarita Water Damage Restoration

Living near the coast means dealing with lots of potential water damage, even if not from the ocean itself. Everything from heavy rains to burst pipes can cause water to damage your property. At American Craftsman Restoration, we provide high-quality Santa Clarita water damage restoration to homes and offices. We work tirelessly to ensure your property is safe for living and working conditions. Give us a call today at (661) 218-1962 to learn more about our water damage prevention and restoration services.

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