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Is Mold Remediation Necessary?

Mold can grow in your home from a variety of sources. The most common one, however, is water damage. Most mold species thrive in dark, damp environments. And as they continue to spread throughout your property, they release spores that enter your air. Breathing in these spores can be extremely hazardous to your health. Quick mold remediation as soon as you notice mold in your home can help prevent disease and illnesses. The longer you wait to take care of a mold problem, the more your health and your home’s stability are at risk.

What is Mold Remediation?

When it comes to mold, there’s no way to fully remove it. Microscopic mold particles are almost always left behind. But these mold particles are so small and weak that they can’t grow or cause health concerns. Mold remediation is the process by which the majority of a mold’s presence is removed from your home. Remediation ensures that your house is healthy and fresh and that the mold won’t grow back. 

How Mold Remediation Works

Mold remediation uses a combination of industrial-strength cleaning agents and equipment to kill off the mold and remove it. There are different types of mold species, and each requires its own type of cleaning solution to remedy it. The cleaning solution kills off the mold, and then specialized cleaning equipment scrubs and scrapes the dead colonies away, leaving behind only microscopic particles that won’t affect your home or health.

Safety is a major component of mold remediation. Because breathing in mold spores and simply touching mold can lead to illness and injury, technicians need to be equipped with the proper safety gear. Quarantining the affected area and sealing off the airways can also help prevent the spread of mold damage to the rest of your home.

The Dangers of Mold

Failure to deal with a mold issue in your home can lead to serious health concerns. While some molds are more dangerous than others, all can affect you and your loved ones. Common health concerns associated with mold exposure include:

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Development of Allergies in Children
  • Long-Term Respiratory Issues (such as asthma)
  • Infection

It’s crucial that you contact a mold remediation specialist as soon as you suspect mold is in your home. They can perform a full-scale inspection to locate and identify any mold growth on your property and start the remediation process as soon as possible.

Need Mold Remediation in Your Home?

At American Craftsman Restoration, we believe every home deserves healthy indoor air quality. If you suspect mold growth in your house, give us a call at (661) 493-8935 to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. Our trained and experienced mold remediation specialists will arrive onsite promptly to begin inspecting and preparing your home for mold removal. We work hard to keep our technicians and your house safe by using only the highest-quality safety equipment and industry-standard cleaning solutions.

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