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Mold Damage and Mold Removal: Understanding Its Impact on Health and Property

Mold can be extremely dangerous if not caught early and dealt with properly. It can affect not only your home but your health. This is why it is important to have a mold removal service deal with the problem quickly, safely, and effectively. By hiring American Craftsman Restoration, you are not only solving the problem, but you are taking a proactive approach to preventing mold growth in the future.

How Can Mold Affect Your Health?

Minor exposure to mold will cause allergy-like symptoms, including itching, coughing, difficulty breathing, skin rash, headache, and fatigue. Prolonged exposure can lead to more serious illnesses, such as the development of asthma and hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP). Those with respiratory conditions and compromised immune systems are at an even higher risk of developing these complications. It is important to catch and remove mold before it has lasting effects on the health of you and your loved ones. 

How Can Mold Affect Your Property, and When Do You Need Mold Removal?

Mold is a microorganism, and it can be found pretty much everywhere if the surroundings are moist enough. It can be found on wood, carpets, fabric, in insulation, walls, attics, and basements, just to name a few. Common signs in your home are paint blistering and water leaks due to mold infiltration. Water damage and flooding are major causes of mold. It only takes 24 to 48 hours after water damage occurs for mold to begin to grow, and once it forms, it spreads. Water creates the perfect damp environment for mold to grow and thrive, which is why it is important to take preventative steps once problems like this occur. 

How to Identify the Signs of Mold 

There are many signs of mold before you begin to get ill, so it is important to be able to recognize and prevent the spread. The first indicator is smell. Most mold produces a distinct musty and stale odor, similar to that of sweaty socks. Another indicator is recent water or moisture issues, like a leak or a recent increase in humidity. Dark-colored stains on walls and ceilings of an unusual color can be signs of mold growth. An additional sign is peeling wallpaper, which indicates a moisture problem, and that mold is likely growing underneath. 

Why Mold Removal Should Be Left to the Professionals 

Mold spreads incredibly fast and contaminates other parts of your home very easily. It is also very hard to remove, and can be dangerous if the removal is not done properly. When an at-home mold removal is attempted, it is frequent that the problem only worsens. Not only does the mold spread even more, but there are often health complications due to the lack of safety precautions taken. Professionals have the necessary equipment in order to ensure the safety of the home’s inhabitants, as well as their own. They will also be able to prevent future mold-related problems by finding and addressing current underlying issues. 

If you discover that your home requires mold removal, don’t hesitate to call us at American Craftsman Restoration at (661) 218-2032. Trust the professionals – trust American Craftsman Restoration. 

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