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Preventing Mold Damage After Coastal Floods: Essential Steps to Take

Water damage is the leading cause of mold growth in most homes and offices. And if your property suffers coastal flooding, you’re at a higher risk of mold growth in your building. Thankfully, there are ways to restore and prevent mold damage. By taking the right steps after a flood, you can ensure your property is mold-free. And with proper preventative measures in place, you can help reduce the odds of both flooding and mold growth in the future.

Step One: Remove Water as Quickly as Possible

Most mold species need a moist environment to grow and thrive. The longer standing water and excess moisture in the air remain on your property, the more likely mold is to grow. Getting a water restoration team on site as soon as you notice flooding is key in preventing mold damage. Technicians can use high-powered pumps and industry-standard dehumidifiers to remove any standing water and reduce the moisture content in the air. By getting things dried out as soon as possible, you dramatically reduce the chances of mold growth in your home or office.

Step Two: Inspect, Clean, and Sanitize

Even with the moisture gone, mold could still have had a chance to start growing. After any case of coastal flooding, it’s crucial that you have your home thoroughly inspected for mold damage or other concerns. The sooner you catch the early signs of mold growth, the sooner you can remedy the damage and prevent its spread. Cleaning and sanitizing the affected area will also prevent the further growth of mold, keeping your building safe while other restoration work continues.

Step Three: Installing Preventative Measures

Preventing flooding and other sources of water damage is the best way to prevent mold growth. After restoring your property post-flood, your technicians can also provide additional services to help with future problems. Things such as installing a sump pump in your basement or installing storm windows and doors can help reduce the effects of future flooding incidents. Advanced cleaning solutions can also be used to fully sterilize the surfaces in your home, creating an unfriendly environment for any mold species that try to grow there. 

Need Help with Flood or Mold Damage on Your Property?

Living or working near the coast can provide a great view and a better mood. But it can also lead to disastrous floods and water damage. When coastal floods invade your home or office, mold damage isn’t too far behind. At American Craftsman Restoration, we know how important a speedy response to water damage is. That’s why we respond 24/7 to any emergency flood situation. Our technicians will arrive promptly on-site to begin extracting any standing water and doing everything possible to prevent mold growth. If your property is impacted by coastal flooding, give us a call today at (661) 493-8935 to learn more about our flood cleanup services and preventative measures.

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