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This past year wildfires spread rapidly throughout the beautiful golden state and beyond. It was heartbreaking to see the damage of the fires as they flew through city upon city. Santa Clarita is no stranger to fires, which is where American Craftsman Restoration steps in.

Fire Restoration Steps

A home fire is scary. Even if your family and animals are safe, fire and smoke damage require long-term repair which leaves your family displaced for an extended period of time. American Craftsman Restoration is here to provide support and prompt service as we bring your home back to safety.

Boarding Up Your Home

The first thing that needs to happen after a house fire is boarding up all windows, doors, or any other open areas from the fire. In some cases when there is roof damage, tarping the top of the house may be necessary. These measures will keep your home safe from things like theft or rain while the proper steps are taken to begin cleanup and restoration.

Water Removal

Fire hoses are key when putting out a fire, but that intense flow of water into your home will usually result in an excess of water that needs to be drained. Similar to flood restoration, your home must first be cleared of any standing water. Next, industrial fans will be brought in to evaporate the water. From there, the process of dehumidification can begin which dries out any water vapor in the air. Properly ridding your home of water is crucial in preventing further damage.

Cleaning Debris

Clearing soot from the home is a very important step and needs to be done in a timely manner. Soot is made up of properties that can leave negative lasting effects on your home and belongings. However, you are unable to see what is repairable and what has been fully lost without clearing all the debris first. This is why this step must be done quickly and efficiently.

Content & Structural Evaluation

At this point, it is time to clear the property of unaffected items, get rid of items that cannot be salvaged, and make note of the areas or things in your home that will need repair or restoration.

The restoration company can start making repair plans once they have a clear picture of the damage in its entirety.

Content Storage, Restoration, and Deodorization

American Craftsman Restoration will take a comprehensive inventory of all of the items salvaged from the fire, both unharmed and those requiring restoration. Items that need no attention will be properly housed in secure storage. Content that requires restoration will either be done on-site or in more severe cases will be sent out for repair.

Items that American Craftsman Restoration can repair include:

  • Books

  • Documents

  • Electronics

  • Furniture

In addition to restoring and storing your home’s contents, American Craftsman Restoration will use deodorizing processes to rid of any residual smoke scents on clothes, furniture, and any other items.

Structural Repairs

While the process of content restoration occurs, American Craftsman Restoration will begin bringing your home back to life. From structural and foundational repairs all the way through to painting and finishings, American Craftsman Restoration is your one-stop shop to get you and your family back home.

Home fires are a frightening experience that requires several steps to recover. American Craftsman Restoration is here to help you moments after the fire is extinguished all the way until you and your family are comfortably settled back into your home. If you have been affected by a fire and are seeking restoration help, give us a call at (661) 295-5176.

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