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When it comes to water damage repair in your Santa Clarita home, there are three main things you need to know:

Water Damage Needs To Be Cleaned Up And Repaired As Soon As Possible

If water damage is allowed to sit, the problem will compound and result in more damage. The only way to mitigate damage is to get the water cleaned up as quickly as possible by water damage repair experts. Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. Here are just a few reasons why. Water damage can quickly facilitate mold growth. In fact, mold will begin growing in as little as 24 hours after the water has become available. Once mold spores begin to spread, mold growth can quickly become a huge problem. As long as the water is present, mold will continue to grow. Along with mold growth, damage to materials only worsens the longer they are exposed to water. Furniture, carpets, padding, insulation, drywall, baseboards, woodwork, and other belongings will absorb what water they can and, once fully saturated, will begin to break down and deteriorate. Wood floors will warp, walls will begin to peel and bow, ceilings will crack and sag, metal furnishings will rust, carpet padding will be soiled, and not only will cleanup be harder but so will structural repair and rebuild. Structural damage becomes more and more severe the longer water damage is present, leading to extensive cleanup and more likely than not structural replacement to repair the damage. The best way to protect your home from any further damage is to begin the water damage repair process right away.

Adequate Drying Requires The Aid Of Commercial Grade Equipment

Without the use of professional equipment, water will not be adequately or thoroughly dried. Water seeps and soaks into most of the materials in our home (i.e. wood, drywall, textiles and fabrics), where it can remain trapped without our even knowing it is still there. When water is not dried thoroughly with the aid of commercial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers, it will remain hidden inside these materials, under floor boards and behind walls, where it can facilitate mold growth and lead to further damage. Even if it appears that all the water has been dried, without the proper equipment hidden moisture will remain trapped inside your home. As long as moisture is present, mold will be an issue. To ensure that all the water, especially what you cannot see, is completely dried, you need the right equipment.

The Best Water Damage Cleanup Results Cannot Be Achieved On Your Own

The only way to ensure that you and your home are given the best care possible, with the right equipment and in a timely manner, is to call the water damage repair professionals. You should not try to clean up water damage on your own.

Water Damage Repair In Santa Clarita

At American Craftsman, our crew is 100% professional and has vast experience with all types of water damage. We are experts at evaluating the damage and coming up with the best solution to dry, clean, and sanitize the area. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the results are effective and efficient. For all your water damage repair needs in Santa Clarita, give us a call.

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