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    Trauma Cleanup Service

    American Craftsman Restoration will quickly and safely clean, sanitize, and deodorize your property so you can focus on healing and recovery for yourself and your family.

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    Compassionate and Immediate Assistance

    A traumatic experience can result in shock, grief, anger, and a sense of confusion and uncertainty. These feelings can get compounded and fracture the sense of security of a person who has experienced any kind of crisis or emergency in their homes or business. This is why at American Craftsman Restoration, we believe in and focus on offering you compassion and care in our trauma cleanup service. We know how important this can be for the healing and recovery of anyone who has experienced trauma.  When you partner with us at American Craftsman Restoration, we will handle every aspect of the remediation so you can completely focus on taking care of yourself and your family and on recovering from the traumatic experience.If you are in need of compassionate and professional cleaning and disinfecting for your home or business, we can help. 

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    Why Hire American Craftsman Restoration?

    • 1. Professionally Trained Experts:
      Our team of professionally trained and certified trauma cleanup experts will work with you to quickly and expertly address the different requirements of trauma cleanup – and we do this with a special focus on compassion, safety, and discretion.
    • 2. Customized Services:
      We know every crisis situation is different. This is why focus on providing customized solutions for effective trauma cleanup.
    • 3. 24/7 Availability:
      Crisis does not follow a schedule. It can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. But we are always ready to respond to any emergency. Our teams are available 24/7 and can be dispatched anytime for any crisis.
    • 4. Dedicated to Upholding Technical and Ethical Industry Standards:
      Our team of certified cleanup technicians strictly adhere to the highest technical, ethical, and compliance guidelines set by the bio-hazard remediation industry.

    Risks in Trauma Cleanup

    Trauma cleanup services should be handled in accordance to safety and health guidelines as laid out by the bio-hazard remediation industry.
    Consider the following;
    • Exposure to biohazard material including blood-borne pathogens.
    • Extensive and potentially dangerous contamination of trauma site.
    • Exposure to infectious bio-fluids (animal and human) that can lead to the spread of infections or diseases.
    • Scene of trauma can be highly stressful.
    American Craftsman Restoration technicians are specifically trained and certified in identifying bio-hazardous materials and assessing contamination sites. Our experts will carefully plan, and implement customized remediation to deliver complete sanitization and cleaning of the affected site.

    CALL US at (661) 295-5176 and our teams will work with you to quickly assess, clean, and restore your home or business property.

    What to do in a Crisis?

    Emotions can run wild when you experience a traumatic situation. All reason and logical thinking can go out of the window. And if there are children involved, stress levels can simply explode. We know how difficult it can be for individuals and families or businesses when they are hit by crisis. Confusion can engulf the mind. If you do not know what to do or where to being, then follow these simple steps
    • Step 1 – Contact the Authorities
      The first thing you should do is to call the authorities – this will get the investigative process started. Only when the police and forensic teams have completed their investigations and examinations can the process of trauma cleanup begin.
    • Step 2 – Don’t Touch Anything
      Bio hazard contamination can be dangerous to both life and property. To prevent further spread of contamination, move yourself and your family away from the affected area as soon as possible.
    • Step 3 – Get in Touch with a Trusted Trauma Cleanup Service
      Contact a trusted trauma cleanup service to ensure speedy and effective cleanup of your home or property.
    • Step 4 – Focus on your Recovery and Health
      A painful experience can impact your mental and physical health in different ways. So focus on your recovery journey – start as quickly as possible.

    Highly Trained – Committed – Compassionate – Discreet Trauma Cleanup

    Do you need Trauma Scene Cleanup Services in the Santa Clarity area? If yes, then let American Craftsman Restoration help you. We know your home or business remediation needs are unique. This is why we offer customized solutions that work best for your home or business.

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