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Old homes are notorious for water damage. If you own or rent an old home, it is important that you know what signs of water damage to look out for. Catching water damage early is important since the longer it remains in your home the greater the damage and repair cost will be. From our water damage restoration experts at American Craftsman in Santa Clarita, below are six signs of water damage in old homes you should look out for.

Crumbling Wood

Keep an eye out for crumbling wood and drywall around windows, baseboards, and doorways. Any type of degradation could indicate that the wood is slowly falling apart because of water infiltration. If the wood has reached this point, you should know that the damage is serious and requires attention right away.

Soggy Drywall

Soggy drywall is easy to detect. If the wall is wet, then your drywall has been affected by moisture and will need serious repairs or to be replaced. It’s important that you take care of soggy drywall right away. Even a few days of water exposure are enough to ruin the drywall beyond repair.

Buckling Floors And Walls

This is a clear sign that water damage has become quite serious. When floorboards become wrinkled or warped, it means that water has been absorbed into the floor and caused it to swell. The same applies to walls as well. Take care to repair any water damage issues right away so it doesn’t get to this point.

Musty Odors

Old homes are notorious for their off-putting, musty odors. This is because mold growth is so much more common in old homes. However, a home does not have to have a musty odor simply because it is old. If it receives proper care, this can be entirely avoided. Thus, you should act immediately to remove the mold if you detect a musty odor in your home.

New Paint 

If you’re in the market for a new home, check for this subtle sign of damage. Some homeowners mistakenly try to paint over damaged areas of the house to hide water damage. If there is spotty paint on the walls in unusual places, don’t hesitate to ask why they painted those specific areas. It’s important to tread carefully when purchasing older homes.

Leaking Noises

Sometimes, if your eyes and nose fail to detect any water damage, you can rely on your ears to do the trick. Look closely for any dripping or splashing sounds that would indicate a leak somewhere in your home. One way to do this is to turn off everything in your home so there is no background noise and then just take a few minutes to walk around your home and listen carefully.

Water Damage Repair In Santa Clarita

Whether your home is old or new, you should look for the following signs of water damage so you can spot a problem before it becomes more serious. If your home is old, however, it is even more critical that you do this. If you do spot any water damage, make sure to contact us at American Craftsman in Santa Clarita for help right away.

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